These videos were created while I was a staff director with Guy Bauer Productions.

Guy Bauer Productions is a full service video production company for which there is no competition, if you want the highest quality video coupled with the hardest working people and the greatest customer service, look no further.

Winix came to us with an ask to create a series of product videos for their newest line of air purifiers. Their only videos in the past were featured on the Home Depot website, and they wanted something eye catching and modern. This was a really fun project to take on because we couldn't rely on the narrative of an interview, and each video had to be roughly 30 seconds a piece. Winix's budget didn't allow for days upon days of shooting, so we had the challenge of coming up with a story for each video that would be elegant enough to showcase the product, and something we could repeat multiple times in one location.

With the help of an excellent team at Guy Bauer Productions (Jon Hamblin, Joel Pearish), we came up with a way that we could keep consistency from video to video, and get through all of the videos, capturing all of the necessary coverage, in a fraction of the time.

You can view all of the Winix product videos below.