TouchVision is a web and broadcast based video entertainment company that produces a variety of content ranging from high-end documentaries to short features about life, art and culture. TouchVision works closely with Weigel Broadcasting, one of Chicago's leading production houses.

One of TouchVision's premiere video productions is Cocktail Swagger - a hip new take on your standard cooking demo or mixology video. I was brought in to help refine a simple cocktail demonstration pitch into something viable and exciting. After exploring several routes, filming tests, and experimenting with look and feel, we arrived at a fast paced, graphics heavy spot that engages viewers right away.

The challenge in producing content like this is to create something that is repeatable and scalable. TouchVision airs a new episode of Cocktail Swagger every other week, and each episode takes roughly 3 days to complete. Along with the variety of other content that TouchVision creates, its important to create a standard template with some accelerators to define the look and feel of a series, but still allow for enough creative freedom so that every episode feels fresh and unique.

You can view all of the Cocktail Swagger episodes below.