Me So Far is an event based company that provides a one-of-a-kind dating experience for singles. A big part of the Me So Far pitch is about connection and communication, and so when it came time for them to pitch their concept to the world, it only made sense to create a video that would clearly communicate the company's insights and inform it's subscribers what to expect.

We chose animation over live-action to convey the message, as it breaks the stereotypical one-off "interview model" of the dating industry. On a tight schedule I spent a few days on storyboard & script development. As I passed off the script refinement to the Me So Far executive, I worked closely with my team to create digital assets for the animation.

This level of collaboration is what allowed us to get the entire project done in a little under 20 hours. We designed, animated, and recorded the VO right in the same room together. While the script was being written one room over, we were moving forward with animation scenes and making changes on the fly with every new script idea.

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