"Nate & Margaret" is directed by accomplished indie film director Nathan Adloff. The film was a collaborative project that is the culmination of several years of working together on a variety of web videos, sketch comedies, and short films.

The story follows Nate (Tyler Ross, AMC's The Killing), a quirky college student who's best friend is his next door neighbor, 52-year-old Margaret (Margaret West, Roseanne). Their relationship is unshakeable until Nate meets his first boyfriend, and starts to turn into a completely different person. It was awarded three stars by film critic Roger Ebert, who claimed that "this is a smart, observant movie about two very particular people, and its casting is pitch-perfect."

Nathan and I had worked together on a handful of projects leading up to "Nate & Margaret" and that relationship allowed us to focus less on the technical jargon and more on what was needed to make the movie happen. Between carefully choosing the compositions and editing them to tell a compelling story, we developed an effective workflow and the result of this collaboration shines through.

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