Director Nathan Adloff's follow-up to his successful first feature film was "Miles," the semi-autobiographical story of a high school student who joins the women's volleyball team in an attempt to get a college scholarship, however the school board sees things differently and tries to prevent him from participating. It's a really nice story about overcoming obstacles and going your own way.

I was unfortunately unable to participate in the actual production of the film this time around, so when Nathan asked me to help him put together the trailer, I jumped at the chance to collaborate again. Trailer editing is a totally different beast from editing a movie in that you are using every trick in the book to smash words together in as quick a timeframe as possible, and still make sure to tell a coherent story.

For the trailer for Miles, we focused on Miles' A-plot, the problem that Miles is presented with, his idea for a solution and the challenges that he faces along the way, leading up to a climactic finale, which we leave just open-ended enough to entice a viewer to want to seek out the movie to find out what happens next. With such great talent involved in Nathan's project, it was easy to pull one line here and one line there from each of his supporting players to round out the story of the trailer.