Streng Design is a leading design & branding firm with a focus on brand strategy and development, experiential, and package design. Their work has been published in numerous books and print media including Fast Company, Chicago Tribune, AXIS and Paper.

I helped Streng tell three unique stories of how their app design for a connected printing solution would play out in the real world. Using Streng's designs and product development tools, we created all of the props needed to showcase how the hypothetical app would work. I collaborated with Streng to create a script for each use-case scenario, and then assembled a small production team.

In two days, we shot all 3 scenarios, each showing a different method of using the application. The promos required extensive motion tracking and animation. I collaborated with the design team at Streng to ensure that the aesthetics of the UI matched the animation style in order to make a more compelling and cohesive piece.

Shooting at multiple locations brings its own set of challenges and requires resourcefulness. That said, post production was equally challenging due to rapidly changing UI design concepts during the animation phase. Since this was our first collaboration with Streng, we had to form the building blocks for our workflow. As professional collaborators, we developed a workflow that allowed Streng's printable and digital documentation assets to be used for video work as well.