Josh Feeny is a Chicago-based photographer who utilizes his skills to further the mission of local dog shelters. Josh believes that photographing dogs who appear happy and playful helps show them as an adoptable companion that you could envision inviting into your home.

We wanted to tell Josh's uplifting story through his lens. By engineering a rig to film our camera lens through the eyepiece of an old Pentax SLR camera, we assembled a small crew and headed to Animal Care and Control to begin filming. Whenever Josh had been featured on news shows in the past, he was seen doing interviews in front of dog cages, though his artwork heavily relies on seeing dogs happy and at play. TouchVision strives to be a cut above the rest, and so I pitched the idea of taking our standard white cyc and modifying it through gelled lights and exposure balancing to create a fresh look that supports the story's ethos.